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E.K. Carmel is an American fantasy writer living in a small town in western New York State.

She discovered the real world totally sucked to a kid with a big imagination. Books, TV, and movies transported her from her boring, chore-filled life to realms of magic, fantastic futures, and new worlds just by asking, “What if…?”

She grew up, graduated from college, worked, married her own personal MacGyver Man, and together they’ve raised two daughters.

Life was busy but good (she thought) until one day her creativity hitched a ride to the big city for some excitement. She found it in a dance club, doing shots and screaming, “WOOOOHOOOO!” Before it could run onto the dance floor with it’s new besties, she persuaded it to return home with promises of homemade sour cherry pie and getting more attention than the family cats.

E.K.’s favorite holiday is Halloween. For one night, the world runs amok! amok! amok! with ghosts, witches, and assorted monsters, transforming the strait-laced and ordinary into the haunted, the creepy, the fun. But how could she make that feeling last longer than once a year and appease her restless creativity?

The truth is out there, and she found hers in writing stories in small-town settings she knows so well, filled with quirky characters, supernatural elements, and occasional strong language.

If you like these types of stories, you’ve come to the right place.